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We believe in the data-driven enterprise. ALL business decisions should be informed by data and analytic insights. Today that isn’t the reality, despite the fact that organizations have overwhelming amounts of data. That is the obstacle to innovation. There is simply too much data to process and use. Analytics reveal too many possibilities to act upon. Business leaders are too busy with their current priorities and objectives. 
Those obstacles can be overcome. Organizations have all the enterprise ‘macro level’ tools they need for data management, analytics and business applications. What they lack are ‘micro level’ solutions that use those technologies to solve specific business problems. 
Q Spark Group’s vision is to build ‘micro’ data-insight-action pipelines for specific business challenges. These solutions are automated using AI and machine learning. Business leaders receive suggestions and act on insights, vs. gathering data and reading reports. The elapsed time from data creation to analysis to action is cut to seconds. Organizations act on data immediately. 


Our mission is to help our customers innovate. We want to help our customers use data and analytics throughout their business. We aim to provide a spark for innovation. Sometimes that spark needs to come externally. Our teams are designed to have cross functional expertise in data, analytics and business functions, and combine them into one functional team to address a business challenge. 
Our mission is to use modern technology to automate the analysis of data. We help our customers adopt the latest technologies to solve new and rewarding business challenges. 
Q Spark Group is focused on customer success. We define success not as technology success (getting a product up and running), rather, we think that success occurs only when there is business benefit from technology. Our goal is 100% customer success on every implementation.

Our Team

Sachin Wadhwa

CEO and Co-Founder

With over 25 years experience in Data Management and Analytics, Sachin has successfully founded, grown, and sold multiple technology start ups. His passion for customer success is a key value he’s instilled at every company he’s run, including Q Spark Group. 

Santosh Atre

VP Marketing Analytics Practice and Co-Founder

20 years of analytics experience has enabled Santosh to help some of the world’s biggest companies analyze and improve their marketing strategies. He loves to help companies adopt analytics, innovate new business processes, and create significant ROI.

Santosh Atre
David Corrigan, Data & Analytics, Master Data Management, Customer Data

David Corrigan

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Having worked at early stage start-ups and large global technology companies for 25 years, David has developed a deep understanding of the data and analytics industry. He’s keen to understand customers’ unmet needs and address them  with modern technology.

Supreeth Reddy

VP Global Delivery

With over 22 years experience in Enterprise Software, SaaS and data management, Supreeth understands how to deliver data-driven solutions. He has co-founded, built and led early and growth stage startups in engineering and product functions. He loves experimenting with new technologies to solve new business problems.

Supreeth Reddy

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Our Culture

We can sum up our culture in one word – authentic. At Q Spark Group, we’ve created a flat organization. Any team member is accessible and ready to help each other achieve our goals. Our core differentiation is expertise. We have experts on staff, and experts learn from experts to continuously improve. New staff members learn from QSG experts to become experts in their disciplines as well. We have a track record of 25 years of innovation, successful customer projects, and growing technology companies to successful exits. We believe in innovation – using new technology to solve existing problems, 10x better. Finally we are efficient. No wasted time, no long meetings. We’re focused on innovation and customer success.


Q Spark Group values partnerships. We act as trusted partners to our clients. We form strategic partnerships with leading vendors in data management and security, analytics, and business applications in order to build solutions across their technologies.
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