Analytics and AI can transform your business. Are they?

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) are deeply technical. Most companies have central analytics teams and data scientists that experiment with new technologies, build prototypes of business problems to solve, and propose them to business sponsors. Does that approach focus on the easiest problems to solve, or the most innovative, transformative ones? If a new technology is going to be truly transformative, its first impression has to be, well, impressive. The first problem it solves has to be important, big, and eye-catching. It has to start with the business to identify the most important problem to solve that has the potential to transform their business.

Q Spark Group’s Innovation Squads have the business and technical expertise to identify transformative first projects with AI and analytics, and a unique operating model blending business, AI and data expertise to ensure successful delivery.

Advanced Analytics & AI Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytics have been around for some time. Yet a lot of organizations are running their business based on descriptive analytics and reports. Predictions and prescriptive actions are left to the business leaders' intuition. 

The challenge is that intuition can lead you away from being data driven. Time and again key insights are missed or written off as anomalies. Using predictive analytics, companies can predict future trends and determine the confidence level of those predictions. 

Q Spark Group can help you in that journey from descriptive to prescriptive. We have deep expertise in all forms of analytics. More importantly, we have a track record of helping our clients improve their analytics maturity and adoption, and delivering business value.

Enterprise AI

Nearly every organization is experimenting with AI. Some are doing initial implementations. And everyone believes it has the power to transform their business. 

Understanding how to build and tune AI algorithms is a challenge. But an even bigger challenge is understanding how to manage the data used to train those algorithms to ensure they are properly tuned. In addition, governing both the data, and the AI algorithms themselves, is a new discipline for most organizations.

Q Spark Group can help. We have the analytics and AI experience. We have experts in data management and governance. We understand what it takes to make AI successful in meeting your business objectives.

Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Generative AI

Everyone is talking about the potential of generative AI. That includes the technology vendors with whom you do business. Data management vendors say generative AI can describe data classifications and governance policies. Marketing vendors talk about generative AI being used to create content for websites and campaigns. What’s hype and what’s reality?

Q Spark Group understands generative AI. We work with a variety of companies and understand how it can be used. We also work with technology vendors and understand what is possible with today’s technology and where their roadmaps are heading. We can advise you on a generative AI roadmap and help you implement that technology for your marketing applications and technology as well as your data management tools.

The Q Spark Difference

Q Spark Group are experts in advanced analytics & AI. Our team members have developed and implemented multiple generations of these solutions. We have a track record of delivering progressively modern analytics solutions and delivering business value. We are also experts in data management. We always pair data experts with analytics experts to ensure that you are utilizing trusted data for analytics. Our implementation methodology, The Spark, is designed to ensure that expertise is effective and delivers quick time to value.

Take the Data-Insight-Action Self-Assessment

Everyone says being data-driven is a journey. But how can you plan that journey if you don’t know where you are starting from? It is essential to know how mature you are in terms of data management, analytics and acting on insights. It is transformative to know how mature you are in integrating those 3 disciplines.

Take 2 minutes and fill out 12 questions. You will get both an individual maturity assessment for data, insights and actions, and a collective assessment across all three disciplines. Recommended next steps to mature Data-Insights-Actions are offered.

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