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Data - Insight - Action

Data, analytics and applications are integrated at a macro level by IT and data teams. Data warehouses and lakes centralize data access, enterprise analytic and reporting platforms are available to access that data, and enterprise applications automate business processes.
But when it comes to solving a specific business problem, those macro-level tools need to be made to solve a micro-level use case. It’s a lot of work. Finding, accessing, and combining the right data sets isn’t easy, even if they are all in one warehouse or lake. Building analytic algorithms to get useful insights is trial and error and is time consuming. Integrating those insights into applications is a burden. Often, business people are emailed reports with insights and the actions are left up to them.
Data-Insights-Action pipelines are micro solutions for specific use cases. They unite data management, analytics, and business applications to use the right data, to create meaningful insights and act on them.

Take the Data-Insight-Action Self-Assessment

Everyone says being data-driven is a journey. But how can you plan that journey if you don’t know where you are starting from? It is essential to know how mature you are in terms of data management, analytics and acting on insights. It is transformative to know how mature you are in integrating those 3 disciplines.

Take 2 minutes and fill out 12 questions. You will get both an individual maturity assessment for data, insights and actions, and a collective assessment across all three disciplines. Recommended next steps to mature Data-Insights-Actions are offered.

Q Spark Group’s Expertise

Effective Expertise

Q Spark Group believes expertise is a critical success factor in technology projects. It is well rounded expertise that makes the difference. Experience with data management, analytics, and business processes and applications is required to determine how best to use data, create insights, and act on them for your organization.

The Spark

Organizations who want to innovate speak of needing a ‘spark of creativity’. Well, that’s what we do. “The Spark” is our implementation process. It is designed to rapidly innovate for our clients. To solve the toughest, newest, and most beneficial business challenges. To work with our clients and unlock significant new business value.
The Spark is based on 6 principles. We believe customer success is the north star – it is the primary objective. Expertise is useful only if it’s effective in achieving results. Innovation requires focus – of scope, team, and purpose. Focus an outside consultant can bring. Business drives the adoption of new technology, not the other way around. Data needs to power insights that drive actions. And data-insight-action pipelines need to be delivered rapidly and iterated quickly.
The Spark is a no-nonsense, common sense approach to delivering complex technology and business projects. It’s results driven, not process bound. It enables risk-taking to innovate, but manages it to ensure delivery of results. It’s a tried and tested approach.
Let’s see if it can spark your innovation.

Business Leads Technology

Too often, technology projects are led by technologists who seek business sponsorship and have a vague notion of what business problems will be solved. Technology programs must be business-led. They must start with the business problems. Next, they determine whether existing technologies can address those problems or if new technology is required.
Sometimes projects start off being business led, but lose track of that half-way through. That’s why we staff each Innovation Squad with a business expert. That expert is there to guide every scoping and project decision by asking a simple yet powerful question: “What’s the business benefit of doing that?” This is how we ensure we deliver impactful solutions quickly, by building what is needed and avoiding features for the sake of features.
It’s pragmatic. It’s quick. And it’s effective.

100% Customer Success

We believe there is only one way to grow our business. And that is by helping your business grow. As a small business, we have to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
We’ll do what it takes to make your project successful. And our definition of success isn’t the typical consultant definition of “the solution is up and running.” No, our definition of success is that the solution is delivering business value.
Being successful isn’t just about us working hard. It’s about working smart. And being a good partner to you. We give honest advice about what you can achieve and by when. We don’t over-promise. And we’ll speak up if your project or scope has any difficulties or risk factors that will impede success. Good partners work together to define projects that will be successful.
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