Data-Insight-Action Self-Assessment

Every company has cloud data warehouses and lakes, analytics platforms, reports, and applications.

You have data pipelines. But do you have  Data-Insight-Action pipelines? 

Does the right data flow into analytic solutions and insights get to decision-makers automatically? 

The first step is taking a self-assessment to determine your organization maturity in turning Data into Insights into Actions. Take the self assessment below.

Answer 12 simple questions.
Measure your maturity in turning data into actionable insights.
Learn useful recommendations on the next steps in your roadmap to be data-driven.

Data-Insight-Action Self Assessment

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Is the data used for marketing analytics readily available?

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Is the data used for marketing analytics already assembled from multiple sources and in-
context for your specific use case?

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Do you combine marketing data (web data, tag data, CDP, campaign data, prospect lists)
with enterprise data (CRM customer data, ERP account data, master data)?

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Do you have a 360 degree view of your customer as both a customer and a prospect?

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How useful are the insights from your current analytics solutions?

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How timely are the insights from your current analytics solution?

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How long does it take to deploy and adopt a new marketing analytics solution?

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Do the insights from one marketing analytics solution feed into other marketing analytic
solutions ?

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How often do you act on analytic insights?

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Are analytic insights delivered as reports or as specific actions/events/tasks within your day-to-
day marketing applications (campaign tools, social media marketing tools, etc.)?

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Do you measure the business impact of insight-driven tactics and actions?

12 / 12

Do analytics and AI suggest actions and drive automation to make your marketing team more

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