Unify data, insight and action to
Spark Innovation

Unifying Data, Insights and Actions at a Micro-level

Are your cross-functional teams juggling strategic, innovative projects while doing
their day jobs? Innovation requires focus. We’ve got it.

Analytics requires data. Insights require actions. Data requires management.
That’s why we unify all three in micro data-insight-action pipelines.


Make data trusted and put it in the right context to solve business problems


Trigger real-time actions in business applications and monitor for results


Use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to discover useful, actionable insights

Data-Insight-Action Pipelines

Micro D-I-A pipelines deliver in-context and actionable data and insights in real-time

Take the Data-Insight-Action Self-Assessment

Everyone says being data-driven is a journey. But how can you plan that journey if you don’t know where you are starting from? It is essential to know how mature you are in terms of data management, analytics and acting on insights. It is transformative to know how mature you are in terms of integrating those 3 disciplines.

Take 2 minutes and fill out 12 questions. You will get both an individual maturity assessment for data, insights and actions, and a collective assessment across all three disciplines. Recommended next steps to mature Data-Insights-Actions are offered.

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A Unique Approach

Focused On

We believe that

Business drives technology, not the other way around

Expertise is only valuable if it’s effective

Data, analytics and applications need to be unified

That’s why we put experts in data management, analytics, and business processes on our Innovation Squads. That’s why we focus on business outcomes and rapid delivery. That’s why we’re different. That’s why we deliver. That’s why our customers succeed.

Unifying Marketing Analytics to Deliver

Smarter, Faster Actions

B2B Unified Marketing Analytics

B2B is different. We get it. We've got solutions.

Mastering Unified Marketing Analytics for B2B

The key to unifying marketing analytics lies in unifying data, insights and actions.

Take the Unified Marketing Analytics Maturity Assessment

Every marketer wants to be data-driven. But how can you make that a reality?

Before you can map a journey, you need to know where you are. A self-assessment is the critical first step. Based on our experience in delivering unified marketing analytics for other organizations, we’ve put together a Unified Marketing Analytics self-assessment. Take 2 minutes, fill out 12 questions, and get an understanding for just how unified your marketing analytics is.

Time to Migrate to Cloud MDM?

Q Spark Group can help you

Migrating Master Data Management to the cloud isn’t easy. It requires careful planning, meticulous execution, and thorough reviews.
Expertise pays off. It is they key to de-risking your MDM cloud migration.
Q Spark Group are experts in MDM. We have 25 years experience in implementing and migrating MDM systems.

Read the 4 Best
Practices for MDM Cloud Migration

Ready to Migrate? Take
the Readiness Assessment

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