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What is Unified Marketing Analytics?

A Unified Marketing Analytics solution unites data, analytic insights, and marketing actions into a single, automated, and easy-to-use solution. UMA leverages existing data management tools, existing analytic platforms and integrates actions into your existing marketing applications.

Micro Data-Action-Insight Pipelines are tailor-made for your data-driven business initiatives. Each DIA pipeline contains pre-built data management functions to put the right data in context, pre-built analytics for the specific use case, and pre-built actions by integrating to marketing applications.

Unique Solutions for B2B and B2C

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses are fundamentally different. So too are their marketing strategies. The customer is the most fundamentally different aspect of those two business models.

B2B Unified Marketing Analytics

In B2B, the customer is an organization. But really it is a group of people who are decision makers and users of a commercial product or service. The way you market to companies and employees of those companies is unique, as is the buying cycle, customer journey and experience, and forecasting and planning.

B2C Unified Marketing Analytics

In B2C, the customer is a consumer. Individuals or sometimes groups (families) buy consumer products. Their experiences, buying cycles, and journeys are distinct and quite different from B2B. The marketing strategy, mix and message needs to be different as well.

Here’s what’s also very different between B2B and B2C - the data you have available and the analysis you can do on that data. Insights will be different. So too the actions you can take. Q Spark Group gets that. That’s why we build specific Data-Insight-Action pipelines for B2B and B2C use cases. We’re not just consultants building from scratch. We’re experts who have pre-built solutions ready to configure for your specific needs.

Q Spark Group Delivers Value for Its Clients

The QSG Difference

Every company should have a spark - something that makes them uniquely different and valuable to their customers. At Q Spark Group, our spark is innovation and it’s based on three principles.

First, we focus on the combination of data management, analytics and marketing applications. We offer pre-built and configurable solutions as micro (aka use case level) Data-Insight-Action pipelines. By “micro” we mean a solution that focuses on a specific use case and joins data, analytics, and actions into one solution. Unlike other consultants who typically focus on either data, analytics or marketing applications alone, we specialize in all 3 and specifically how they work together to solve specific marketing analytic use cases.

Second, Q Spark Group employs deep experts in marketing, analytics, and data management. We believe the blend of business, data, and analytic knowledge is mandatory if you are going to effectively solve data-centric business problems. Unlike other consultants who focus their projects and expertise on one of those disciplines, QSG’s Innovation Squads are comprised of experts in all 3 disciplines.

Third, Q Spark Group is committed to customer success. 100% customer satisfaction. This is one of our core values. We are a small consultancy. Excellent delivery and customer success is as essential for our business as it is for yours. Our success is realized one successful customer implementation at a time.

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