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B2B Unified Marketing Analytics joins Data, Insights, and Actions for the top data-driven business-to-business marketing use cases

Delivering B2B Unified Marketing Analytics

Marketing in business-to-business industries is different. There’s less data than B2C. Segments may include dozens of prospects, not thousands. Account-specific data is needed. And most prospects may already be customers of your other products, so you need enterprise data from CRM and ERP to understand your customer.

B2B Unified Marketing Analytics is a solution that combines data, analytic insights, and marketing actions via marketing applications into a single, automated, and easy-to-use solution. It leverages existing data management sources and tools, existing analytic platforms and tools and integrates insightful actions with your existing marketing applications.

Q Spark Group’s solutions for Unified Marketing Analytics for business-to-business are delivered as micro Data-Insight-Action pipelines. We believe that macro solutions (cloud data warehouses, data science platforms, marketing automation suites) are just the foundation. Real problems are solved only when those enterprise platforms are customized to solve specific challenges. That’s what a micro Data-Insight-Action pipeline does, using your existing technology to solve pressing data-driven problems in B2B.

Q Spark Group Delivers Value for Its Clients

Q Spark Group B2B Unified Marketing Analytics Solutions

Take the Unified Marketing Analytics Maturity Self-Assessment

Everyone says being data-driven is a journey. But how can you plan that journey if you don’t know where you are starting from? Based on our experience in delivering unified marketing analytics for other organizations, we’ve put together a Unified Marketing Analytics self-assessment.

Take 2 minutes, fill out 12 questions, and get an understanding for just how unified your marketing analytics is.

The QSG Difference

QSG is uniquely positioned to address B2B marketing analytic needs. We understand the B2B technology industry very well. We’ve innovated in high-tech B2B marketing for 25 years. We believe in solving specific business problems vs. building generic solutions. Our expertise is focused on solving specific business-to-business use cases with our pre-built solutions.

Those solutions are based on marrying data, insights, and action into micro data-insight-action pipelines. “Micro” in the sense that they acquire and prepare the data required for that use case, have pre-built analytics for that unique use case, and integrate actionable events with your existing marketing applications.

We’ve developed a unique implementation model we call “The Spark”. Our Innovation Squads are made up of data, analytics and marketing experts, all of whom have experience in solving the most complex challenges. Let us be the spark of innovation for your company.

One of our core values is 100% customer success. We believe excellent delivery builds good relationships and long-lasting partnerships. It is how we have always run our business. We are as invested in your success as you are. Learn more about why QSG is uniquely positioned to be your UMA partner.

Making B2B Unified Marketing Analytics a Reality in your Organization

The most important word in Unified Marketing Analytics is “Unified”. Unifying the right data with the right analysis to create useful insights that trigger actions. Unifying multiple B2B solutions so insights from one feeds into the others. Improved pipeline analysis feeds into forecasting and planning. Experience and product usage insight becomes foundational for account-based marketing, and so on. Insights grow intelligence exponentially.

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