Webinar - How to Use AI to Make Multi-Touch Attribution VERY Accurate

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Every marketer is talking about Artificial Intelligence. Most are experimenting with AI to create content. But there’s an even better use case for AI with short-term payback. Multi-touch attribution.

In this webinar you will learn how to optimize multi-touch attribution algorithms using AI. Learn from your marketing engagement and sales data to determine which touches, and in what order, really impact revenue. Using a case study, you will receive a how-to approach to using AI technologies to improve your existing MTA analytics. 

This isn’t a typical vendor webinar. Our approach is different, and it’s meant to foster learning how to use new technology to improve your existing marketing processes. 

  • Short – We know you’re busy. This webinar is only 30 minutes. Get useful info, network with peers, and get back to your day job. 
  • Useful – Too many webinars just pitch product. We don’t. This is useful how-to advice on applying technology so solve your top challenges.
  • Conversational – This won’t be a one-way dialogue. We encourage a workshop-like approach. Q&A and open dialogue fosters learning. 

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Meet the Speakers

Santosh Atre

Santosh Atre

Co-founder & VP AI & Analytics

Santosh has 25 years experience using advanced analytics & AI to improve marketing processes. He’s worked with dozens of clients and will share his success stories and best practices. 

David Corrigan, Data & Analytics, Master Data Management, Customer Data

David Corrigan

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

David has 25 years experience in data & analytics. He has a passion for customer data & analytics. He’s worked with hundreds of clients on their use cases, requirements, and business cases. 

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